Notícies, Mimasa


Copacol (Brazil)


Passionate about flavor, this Brazilian cooperative that celebrates its fifty years from the initiative of Father Luise, has entrusted Mimasa together with Cozzini do Brazil, passionate abou...

Bin, vat & palbox washers, Brazil

Versatile solution for ice cream sector


Regma is a Cantabrian company whose principal activity is the production of ice creams and pastry. In its new plant in Revilla de Camargo, with more than 4.600 m2 and where 4M&euro...

Meat trolley washers, Other food sectors, Confectionery, Spain

Fresherized Foods (Mexico)


The main producer of guacamole, Fresherized Foods, has just purchased a L-600 tray washer with automatic screw filter. One more project with Cozzini de Mexico.

Other food sectors, Mexico

Ultra rapid washing and disinfection of mesh gloves and knives (France)


The company SVA, known by its brand Jean Rozé, is one of the main beef processors in France, from among other many activities. For its plant in Vitré it has trusted M...

Knife and glove washers, Meat, France

Washing line for crates and palets


Sometimes empathy does the rest when two companies share the same beliefs. A firm determination in specialization has marked their ways during all these years and has determined their way of...

Tray washers, Pallet washers, Dairy, Spain

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