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Uvesa: Sanitation, a process under control


The concept of business sustainability brings three connected dimensions: social, economic and environmental. The concern for this triple integration has been for the poultry group...

Crate washers, Poultry, Spain

Porminho (Portugal)


In Porminho the balance is elaborated. The care over food demands, the worries of hygiene and health and the ancient knowledge of aromas and flavors become one. With a project of washing and...

Other washers and hygienic equipment, Knife and glove washers, Sanitizing tunnels, Meat, Portugal

Taylor made machine in an automated plant


Embutidos Monter is one of the largest Spanish producers of cured products sausages such as salami, chorizo, cured loin, longaniza and salami. In 2011 it started a major expansion at its pla...

Automations, Meat, Spain

Complete hygiene project


Famadesa is established as the sixth largest pork slaughterhouse in Spain (with a year-on-year growth of 10% during the last five year period). This is the result of an effort of continuous improvemen...

High productions crate washers, Knife and glove washers, Trolley and rack washers, Meat, Spain

Rack and stick washing solutions


There are projects that are especially exciting, beyond the magnitude of the numbers or the technological challenge. This is the case of Casademont’s project, a brand strongly engaged ...

Other washers and hygienic equipment, Stick washers, Spain

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