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Complete hygiene project


Famadesa is established as the sixth largest pork slaughterhouse in Spain (with a year-on-year growth of 10% during the last five year period). This is the result of an effort of continuous improvemen...

High productions crate washers, Knife and glove washers, Trolley and rack washers, Meat, Spain

Rack and stick washing solutions


There are projects that are especially exciting, beyond the magnitude of the numbers or the technological challenge. This is the case of Casademont’s project, a brand strongly engaged ...

Other washers and hygienic equipment, Stick washers, Spain

Various machines for Casa Tarradellas new processing plant


Casa Tarradellas is a benchmark company within the sector of refreshed solutions and processed meat that has just started a new production plant, orientated to the picking of finished produc...

Meat, Spain

Rizos (Greece)


The Greek company SIVVAS S.A., official distributor of Mimasa, has made effective the acquisition of a washing tunnel for crates and other small utensils. This operation allows Mimasa to rea...

Crate washers, Greece

Crate and pallet washing lines for pool


In the latter months, Mimasa has put into operation two big washing lines for Logifruit that have reinforced food safety in the washing and drying process of the tray pooling company. The fi...

Other washers and hygienic equipment, Pallet washers, Fruits & vegetables, Pool & logistics, Spain

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