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Mimasa collaborates with various associations, technology centers and working groups. For example, member of AMEC (Association promoting export and internationalization) or INNOVACC (Catalan cluster of innovative companies around the pig) and works closely with the technology center CENTA.


Amec is a non-profit-making business association with over 35 years of experience in the promotion of exports and the internationalization of companies and their various sectors.

Its main task is to increase the competitiveness of its 400-plus associate companies.


INNOVACC is the Association representing the Catalan pig meat sector cluster and aims to promote business competitiveness through innovation and cooperation.

INNOVACC comprises over 40 companies in the pig meat sector and ancillary services (over 60% are SMEs) and 18 institutions (universities, municipalities, chambers of commerce, research centers, professional associations ...).


The Centre for New Food Technologies and Processes (CENTA) is a non-profit foundation that aims contributing to the modernization and competitiveness of companies in the food industry through the development and application of new technologies and food processes, technology transfer, training, and the incorporation of innovations in all related areas (technology, services, management ... etc.)

Carlemany Forum

It is a non-profit organization that was founded in Girona in the year 2003 and initiated by 60 companies that share two big aims: excellence in business management and continuous improvement of their businesses
To contribute to the achievement of these aims, the exchange of knowledge and experiences receive supports through benchmarking groups, a technique of business manager that seeks to discover and define the aspects that make a company more profitable than any other, to then adapt the knowledge acquired to the characteristics of our own company; more than 200 executives are currently joining in the different created groups.

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