Hygienic Design

Let the water go on

MIMASA has a completely renewed range of washing systems.

Our main objective is to guarantee hygiene in all washing, disinfection, and possibly drying processes.

That is why we have gone further in hygienic design.


This design consists of three key points:

The first one is that the machine is provided with large doors to allow easy access and maintenance.

The second one is to be able to easily access and clean the tanks.

The third one is to allow water to run its natural course, that means, to prevent it from stagnating anywhere in the machine. To do this, we remove the 90º angles.


This set of measures helps improve the performance of the disinfection process, keeping the machines clean and ready to give better results.

Large doors

Easy access hygienic tanks and continuous welding

Elimination of 90 ° angles and water retention areas

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