Washing cabinet for containers and carts

Washing cabinet for containers and carts

Aneto is a long-standing client of Mimasa which has various pieces of washing equipment, all custom-made.  Recently it has installed a washing cabinet for 500l containers and carts. The Artés co...

Meat trolley washers, Bin, vat & palbox washers, Ready meals, Buggies, VEMAG trolley, 200L trolleys

Upcoming trade shows in Latin America

Upcoming trade shows in Latin America

In the coming weeks Mimasa will attend several fairs in Latin America. The first one, from the 27th to the 29th August will be Expoalimentaria of Peru, followed by Expopesca of Ecuador, from the 11th ...

Sanitizing tunnels, Meat, Ready meals, Exhibition, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador

Four more machines for Noel


The customer likes to choose, this is the concept on which Noel is based, one of the leading companies of the meat sector, consumer-oriented through the highest standards of safety and quality, and wi...

Bin, vat & palbox washers, Pallet washers, Trolley and rack washers, Meat, Spain

Forlasa (Lactalis Villarobledo)


Forlasa, also known by its brands El Ventero, Gran Capitán, El Cigarral, Don Bernardo, etc. has backed Mimasa for the supply of a multi-mould, micro-perforated and the multi-cover washing line....

Cheese mould washers, Dairy, Spain

Belt washer


The latest innovation presented by Mimasa is a belt washer, with disinfection and drying. The machine can sanitize the belt while working, resulting in less downtime and therefore increased productivi...

Other washers and hygienic equipment

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