The customer likes to choose, this is the concept on which Noel is based, one of the leading companies of the meat sector, consumer-oriented through the highest standards of safety and quality, and with a permanently innovative philosophy.

In its main plant, at Sant Joan les Fonts, Noel has installed a container washing cabinet, LCR-1000 and a rack and rail washing cabinet, RE-2500-V. Both pieces of equipment are of the highest standard and with all the added-value options.

At the same time, in the slicing plant, also at Sant Joan les Fonts, two further nebulising disinfection modules have been installed in addition to the five already in place.

Noel has more than 20 pieces of sanitisation equipment from Mimasa in its nine production plants located in the provinces of Girona, Huesca and Teruel, using the most advanced technology.

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