Plug and Clean

One day, about two years ago, we had a vision. What if we think our machines to be easy to assembly and install, so we eliminate travels, time and carbon footprint?


If we design our systems keeping in mind that they need to be easy to assemble, install and connect. If we implement the technology to manage, monitor and support remotely a startup, if we potentiate the didactic material to help our customer in this process, for sure we will be able to reduce trips and costs for the customer, with no affection to the final result.


This idea has been with us since that day and we had already started to focus our efforts in that direction. The new reality caused by COVID19 has spurred because, suddenly it makes more sense than ever. For this reason we got down to the job to accelerate and shape the project. We have the roadmap, the tools, the knowledge, and even the name! PLUG&CLEAN. Will keep you informed!

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