10-Sides Technology

When we think about the elements to be washed, the geometrical shape that comes to our minds is a cube. A 6-sides die. But if we count carefully, the elements that Mimasa washers clean have more sides than a chance-rolling die.


We design our equipment consideing each of the the sides and higienize all of them. Elements such as kitchen carts, vats, buggies, totes...they have 10 sides that need to be cleaned. Mimasa does not forget any of them, because each one of them needs to be properly hygienized. Too often, the machinery manufacturers foreget that all sides count. Our cabinet washres are designed in a way that we can guarantee a direct and dedicated projection to each one of the 10 sides of the elements we wash.


If we want success to smile always to us, we cannot leave any side to chance.

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