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Crate washers

Mimasa crate washers are modularly designed, allowing multiple configurations and adjusting to each specific need.

Drying by centrifugation

In order to improve the drying exigencies every time more strict and as an alternative to tunnel systems, which its efficacy/efficiency rate is very costly, we have developed centrifugal syste...

Mould washers
Mimasa designs and manufactures all types of moulds washing tunnels, either cooked ham, ham pressed, chocolate, cans of baking bread, etc.  Automatic and flexible systems for all sectors that...
Pallet washers

Mimasa offers multiple solutions to clean pallets, both type systems (cabinets) batch as continuous, vertical or horizontal washing and all types of productions.

Racks and carts
Mimasa has all kinds of solutions for washing and disinfecting racks, carts, trolleys, structures, cages, etc.  Both systems, batch type as continuous systems, any model can be customized t...
Bin & box washers
Mimasa has all kinds of solutions for washing and disinfection of pallets, boxes, tanks, etc. Both systems type batch as continuous systems, any model is customize to suit - as to the productive needs...
Other washers and hygienic equipment

We also provide a wide range of solutions for washing and drying cans, tins, utensils, cages, barrels, cutting tables, layers, tanks, chocolate moulds, cheese micro perforated moulds and me...


If it's a tunnel, cabinet or a tailored equipment and depending on the application, Mimasa washers can incorporate different options such as systems of automatic filtering, different systems of hea...

Foam cleaner

The low-pressure foam cleaning system is the ideal solution for current hygiene requirements at food processing plants.

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