Crate washers

Mimasa crate washers are modularly designed, allowing multiple configurations and adjusting to each specific need.

Its compact and functional design ensures the result with minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent.

According to need, crate washers can be equipped with a single or double line and can incorporate automation such as destacker, stacker, feeding and/or accumulation conveyors, etc.

Currently hundreds of crates are used for a wide range of applications: small, collapsible, stackable, nestable... In Mimasa, we have the crate washer that fits every need. Depending on the specific requirements each tunnel can be customized for washing any type of containers: boxes, pallets, crates, trays, baskets, tubs, buckets, pans, lids, etc.

Our crate washers cover a wide range of productions, from 100 to 6,000 crates / hour and can include options such as rotary filter, screw filter, detergent and/or disinfectant dosing device, steam extractor, different water heating systems, label removal module, blowing and drying module, etc.

Both horizontal and vertical models of Mimasa crate washers can be extended with a drying unit or a blow-off. Our crate washers not only can clean crates and pallets, they can also be customized to handle drawers, baskets, trays, wagons or any other similar item.


Crate washers
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