High productions crate washers

Within the wide range of tunnels of washing that Mimasa offers, we also find the washing of crates and containers in a high production line. Mimasa offers to the modular design, a tailor-made solution to respond to any need for specific cleaning that each customer have.

Washing machines at a speed up to 10.000 crates/hour double lane and automated can be configured. Starting from there, the machine can be designed for the washing of different formats whether standards or not, wash mixed containers in heights, classified by format, or by adding special widths for the washing of pallets, specific modules for removal of labels on the sides, dried, flip, etc.

In all cases, Mimasa is guarantee of quality wash while is looking for an optimization in the consumption of water, energy and chemical. These equipments are designed for use in the food industry, pool, by-product, logistics... in each sector, Mimasa offers equipment adjusted to the needs of each client.

So study your requirements and submit a specific proposal that respond to your needs, please contact our technical experts.

Please contact to our technical experts who will study your requirements and so they will submit you a specific proposal according to your needs.

High productions crate washers
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