Tray washers

Mimasa has at your disposal a wide range of modular trays washing tunnels. In this way, we can offer our customers the ideal solution for the needs of cleaning of their trays.

From those who is looking for cleaning 100 trays per hour, to who is looking for tunnels automated washing, double lane for 6,000 trays per hour; from who has trays with standard sizes, to who has to wash trays of multiple formats, mixed, special widths, pallets, label removal, drying, etc. For any need of cleaning in the food industry, by-product, logistics, pools, non-food, there is always a tunnel trays wash adapted to every need.

From the most compact machines up to the large automated lines, all Mimasa trays washing tunnels base its design on through washing quality safety, however, the minimum use of water, energy and chemical product.

Our specialists study the case of each client, and depending on the variables of every need, made a proposal tailored to the project of washing.  


Tray washers
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