Meat trolley washers

Mimasa gathers years of experience in solutions for the washing and the disinfecting of meat trolley. Depending on the production demanding of each customer, Mimasa designs and manufactures tailored machines as for type batch systems (cabins) as for continuous systems (tunnels).

In the case of the cabinets, these can be adapted to wash one unit per cycle (15-20 meat trolley/hour) or 2 units per cycle (30-35 meat trolley/hour) rising up the production, meanwhile in the case of the tunnels, it is possible to achieve  higher productions (up to 200 meat trolley/hour).

These equipments are designed taking in account the higher hygienic design standards, always having in mind how to make easier the washing of them.  All the equipments are manufactured with first quality materials and from first world brands, and at same time offering an optimization in water consumption, energy and detergent.

Washing cabinets are designed to have more than one tank depending on the use as the same way that the washing tunnels are designed too to have various pre-wash units, wash and re-circulated rinses, etc. In the case of the cabins, wash programs can be adapted depending on the dirt level. There is the option to install turning systems, APPCC programs, detergent dispensers and disinfecting dispenser too, steam extractor, solid separator filter, CIP function, load and unload automation, different heat system, etc.

Meat trolley washers
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