Other mould washers

Mimasa designs and manufactures all types of moulds washing tunnels, either cooked ham, ham pressed, chocolate, cans of baking bread, etc.  Automatic and flexible systems for all sectors that ensure an effective sanitation.

The experience of Mimasa guarantees equipment with minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent.

According to needs, tunnel washing molds can be a line or two (e.g. for cleaning moulds and lids), have multiple phases, incorporate turning, tapes power supply or accumulation, etc.

Hundreds of moulds are used in the production of cheese: cheese, cast, curing, in individual format or multicast, with and without cover, etc. In Mimasa we have the moles washing machine that fit every need. Depending on the specific requirements can be customized and even combine for washing several types of molds, lids, trays, boxes, etc.

The washing machine optionally have CIP function, dosing of detergent and disinfectant, extraction of steam, HACCP control program, solids separator, different heating, blowing and/or modules systems drying, etc.

Other mould washers
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