Other washers and hygienic equipment

Other washers and hygienic equipment

Knife and glove washers

Un nuevo concepto de higienización de cuchillos basado en el conocimiento de la cinética de la inactivación térmica de patógenos, que optimiza el tiempo y el consumo energético, además de registrar...

Stick washers

Mimasa has different wash systems of sticks and bars, both batch and continuous, adapting to the production needs and space of each customer.

Ham and sausage washers

One of the specialties of Mimasa is washing of hams and sausages either in rack or in rail frames. Both systems type batch (cabinets) as continuous, compact and functional design ensures the minimu...

Blowing and drying tunnels

After each washing line or after each crate washer, even if it is for pallets, moulds, bins, containers, etc., it is possible to add a blowing module or a drying ...

Sanitizing tunnels

Mimasa offers a wide range of tunnels for sanitizing / disinfection. Especially used previous entrance to the cleanroom or high-risk areas, disinfection tunnels can be adapted to all types of produ...


COP wash systems, which are tailored designed, allow the cleaning of all kinds of elements and save labor in an important way. 

Can washers

We also provide a wide range of solutions for washing and drying cans, tins, utensils, cages, barrels, cutting tables, layers, tanks, chocolate moulds, cheese micro perforated moulds and meat produ...


Mimasa can automate all of its washing systems, improving ergonomics, economizing labour and making production processes more efficient. 

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