Blowing and drying tunnels

After each washing line or after each crate washer, even if it is for pallets, moulds, bins, containers, etc., it is possible to add a blowing module or a drying one, depending on the expected results.

Mimasa’s crate blowing and drying modules are tailored manufactured and can have a big sort of ventilators depending on the costumer’s needs. In that way, Mimasa offers its Know-how and its experience in blowing and drying through simulations developed by their high-qualified technicians, who guarantee that the mechanical effect from the air has a big impact over the maximum surface of the elements that must be blown or dried.

In blowing case, that it is usually done from the room air, the target is to rid off the maximum of water, avoiding the drop leaking when the crates, pallets, moulds, bins, containers, etc. are being getting out of the line. For achieve it, frequently the possibility of adding extra elements to rid off the maximum of water is studied, for example, applying others ways of mechanical effects over the elements, even if it is in a turning phase or other mechanical solutions.

In drying case, often the air heating systems are used to increase the drying effect. The most objective way to measure its effect is measuring the grams of residual water over each element after passing through a drying tunnel.

Mimasa offers the possibility to do several tests with crates, pallets, moulds, containers or bins that depending on the costumer’s need and by contract, guarantees the maximum of residual water by element.

Blowing and drying tunnels
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