Sanitizing tunnels

Mimasa offers a wide range of tunnels for sanitizing / disinfection. Especially used previous entrance to the cleanroom or high-risk areas, disinfection tunnels can be adapted to all types of products (sausage, ham, cheese, toppings, etc.) and of space.

The innovative system has many advantages, highlighting the drastic reduction in the consumption of water and disinfectant, up to 15 times compared to a traditional spray disinfection system.

Moreover, misting guarantees a uniform distribution of the disinfectant / sanitizing agent across the surface of the product to be treated at the same time minimizing moisture ingress in the high-risk zone, when the equipment is used to disinfect bars or pieces to slice or draw up.

Not only can be used with any disinfectant or sanitizer approved, either pure or dissolved in water, types of alcohol, but it could also work with ozone water, electrolyzed water, etc.

To further reduce the consumption, Mimasa disinfection modules incorporate an automatic start system when they detect a product and automatic shutdown after a programmable time without product.

Optionally have CIP function, pump recirculation, control and registration through the HACCP program, independent power and/or build up tapes, etc.

Sanitizing tunnels
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