Stick washers

Mimasa has different wash systems of sticks and bars, both batch and continuous, adapting to the production needs and space of each customer.

SW series is the most popular because of its simplicity. With a single door and a very simple program it gives excellent results and guarantees the cleaning of rods.

Compact and functional design ensures the minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent in automatic and flexible systems for all sectors, ensuring an effective sanitation.

Currently dozens of different sticks are used: round, triangular format, star; solid or perforated, of different lengths; stainless steel or aluminum, etc. We have the washer that fits every need in Mimasa.

Washing machines from Mimasa bars have optionally CIP function, detergent and disinfectant dispensers, different heating, extraction of steam, HACCP program control and other options.

Stick washers
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