Trolley and rack washers

Mimasa has all kinds of solutions for washing and disinfecting racks, carts, trolleys, structures, cages, etc.  Both systems, batch type as continuous systems, any model can be customized to suit the production needs and room from each client.

Panels and automation devices depending on the racks or trucks that need to be washed can be adapted and can wash a unit or more per cycle. Panels and automation can wash a unit or more per cycle can be adapted depending on the racks or washing cars.

The experience of Mimasa guarantees equipment with minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent.

Cabinets can go within a pit or at ground level. They are designed taking into account the highest standards of hygienic design and thinking of the cleaning equipment.

From small cabinets to continuous systems can be manufactured with one or several devices depending on the application and provided with materials of first quality and leading global brands. The washing programme can be adapted depending on the level of dirt.

The washing machine optionally have CIP function, dosing of detergent and disinfectant, extraction of steam, HACCP control program, filter solids separator, automation of loading and unloading, different systems of heating, automatic doors, etc.

Also special racks/trolleys can be crafted to take advantage of the equipment for wash other elements, tools, etc.

Trolley and rack washers
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