One of the most outstanding aspects from dairy sector, a part from its presence all over the world, is the high automation level of their process and so the using of moulds and multi-moulds, within their lids, gives shape to the products.

When these moulds and lids are micro-perforated, washing and disinfecting tunnels must be accuracy designed to assure a perfect cleaning and rinsing, because if micro-holes are not in good conditions, the problems grow up. Calcareous remain needs a specific treatment that changes these washing lines into a type of machines different of the rest of washers.

Often mould and lids washer lines are installed at the same cheese product circuit so, as the moulds and lids leaving the washing tunnel are directly run to be filled of new product. This is why washing, disinfecting and rinsing requirement are so high, especially important in these machines, more over their trustworthiness must be guaranteed, as any problem in a washing line would stop the cheese production.

In that point where mould washers change to be into a service element for a production machine, where the equipment trustworthiness and the washing quality are absolutely important. This fact has made that big cheese makers look for a really expert partner in tailor made washing machines, who trust the moulds and multi-moulds washing stage. With these conditions, Mimasa has become into a reference for mould washers, with a wide number of installed units these last years.

It is usual to find in this sector, but in lesser degree, basket, pallet and bin washing tunnels, as well as cart and shelves washing machines.

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