Fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables

Fruit and vegetable sector is characterized by reaching a wide range of products. The reason why it is in the biggest markets and so it is represented by lots of production structures and business. During the last years, export has been a determining factor for the growth of the sector.

Standards, every time higher, more over in the export area, with the new attestation and quality control that are applied, force the producers and dealers to update the machinery and optimize the resources for being more competitive at the foreign market. So, every time the fruit and vegetable sector is forced to use reusable elements of transport as bins, pallboxes or plastic containers, pallets made of plastic, etc.

In the case of washing, often the challenge is not small, because we face up to elements with an important charge of remains like soil, leaves, stones, etc, that need a good system of filtration that avoids frequent stops, shutter injectors, problems in the pumps, etc.

Last years Mimasa has installed bin washing lines, pallets washers and container washing cabinets with many programs, depending on the level of dirty, moreover accumulation system, stackers and distackers, turners, etc. All Mimasas equipments are tailored designed and made, according to the costumers need.

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