For geographical and historical reasons, Mimasa has been always very active in the meat sector. Both processes such fresh and processed use many kinds of containers and transport elements, which need to be cleaned and disinfected.

So, it is strange to find a slaughterhouse or a deboning room for beef, pork, sheep, poultry, etc., which does not have a crate washer, as a minimum. And most of them have varied solutions for the washing of different elements.

They have cart washing tunnels and cabinets, bin washers, rack and structure washing tunnels, also mesh glove and knife sanitizers, without forgetting the usual equipment for foam cleaning.

A similar situation can be found in meat processing plants, although in this case the variability of processes is much greater and, therefore, wash systems vary widely from a company to another. Thus, in addition to crate and tray washing machines, we can find washing tunnels and cabinets for meat trolleys, pallet washers, bin washers in tunnel and cabinet, all kind of plastic and stainless containers washers, and washers of racks, structures and shelves.

Clean rooms: another area of the process where Mimasa can also provide a high added value is at the entrance of the clean rooms or high risk areas. Thanks to the range of our atomizer, developed over these last years, we can guarantee complete disinfection of the packed product that enters the conventional systems with 80% less chemical consumption.

Over the years, Mimasa specializes in providing combined solutions, so that a single machine allows washing different elements in it. A very common case in the meat sector is the bin or vat washing cabinet that allows also washing meat trolleys with a small adaptation, or the cart tunnels washing, which is used by most of our customers to wash also plastic bins or vats and furthermore, pallets. Having departments of projects and engineering with an experienced and dynamic human team, as well as new-generation design tools, enables us to take on challenges of this kind with total guarantee of result of hygiene.



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