Non food

Non food

Non-food sector includes different sectors which sometimes need washing machines, as in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, the automotive sector and the recycling sector, among others.

In the case of the pharmaceutical sector, the constructive and hygienic demanding of the sector as the 316L stainless steel, orbital welding, polished, roughness, EPA filters, etc, suppose washing and drying projects with a very accurate tailored design and management of the machine.

If we make reference to the automotive sector, often it is needed to clean different boxes with different sizes quite mixed, what supposes fixing the upper guides and the lateral ones too and so to classify the bin washing machine by heights. Also in some cases oil separation and recovery systems have been installed to clean all those oils that are stacked in the tanks during the washing.

In what refers to the recycling sector, the washing recoverable elements as tank, containers, etc. is the most common in this sector. Mimasa provides tailored solutions as in tunnel format and so as in cabin format, depending on every client’s need. 

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