Pool & logistics

Pool & logistics

Pool sector, dedicated to the rental and management of containers for carrying products, mainly from suppliers to large delivery companies, is one of the biggest consumers of washing machines. The reason is quite simple: a pool company rents clean containers, so its production process is in part the cleaning of them, as well as in a pool company bin, pallet and pallbox washing tunnels, are part of their main production machines.

The solutions that must be given by a washing tunnel in this sector are very different from the rest of sectors. It can be divided into three: speed, different sort of containers and labels.

The speed production, which can reach up to10.000 boxes/hour in just one tunnel, requires a high level of perfection, design, manufacturing and assembling, as well as the materials used must have long durability and the machines must be designed to have an easy access and maintenance. The error rate must be extremely low because every minute wasted at stops means lots of containers without cleaning.

Pools companies manage a wide range of containers references: foldable crates, nestable crates, rigid crates, trays, half-crates, boxes, bins, plastic containers, pallets, half-pallets…)

Quite often all these references are mixed, so the washing tunnel must be able to wash them without being classified. Mimasas tunnels use a resourceful guided system that allows washing containers with different heights and more over, with completely reliability. 

Labels were a warhorse for pools companies and nowadays they still are. Frequently containers are plenty of different labels, made of several materials, with various glues and moreover they are in different positions in the pallbox or in the crate. Mimasa has developed a reliable solution, without water consumption, without changing pieces that are often worn and with guaranteed results. This has been possible thanks to lots of years of work, tests and the collaboration with ours costumers, to develop a system that join the impact, the projection and the filtration that achieve removing all the labels. The solution was tested in real conditions and it is already working in several units that have been made recently.

As all these problems are typical from pool companies; labels are so a problem for the most of companies in the different sectors, so the speed production is every day higher for the box, pallets and containers washing machines, that is why several food production plants have decided to install logistic centers to receive and clean containers, as if it  were about a pools platform.


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