With our customers before, during and after.

The concept of service is part of MIMASA's DNA. We offer our customers a wide range of possibilities to give them the assistance they really need.

All our knowledge and experience are at the service of our customers through our technical support. We support the client from the test phase, through commissioning and production until training phase on the machine to explain the maintenance work.

  • Continuous training for people who use, clean, and maintain our equipment
  • Simulations to verify maintenance processes and resolution of incidents.
  • User manuals available in different formats to facilitate access to information.

After-sales service and spare parts.

When a client has an emergency, he wants a quick and efficient response. This is onto MIMASA technical and spare parts support is concentrating all its efforts. We have a specific after-sales service area close to the spare parts warehouse which allows us to guarantee the delivery of any part anywhere in the world as quickly as possible.

In order to process any type of request efficiently, our technical assistance service is structured as follows:

  • Helpline.
  • Exclusive email address.
  • Support by remote connection.

Face to face services

Our team of qualified technicians is on the move around the world, ready for any intervention, repairing or training when it is required.


Maintenance and calibration programs
MIMASA also offers preventive, predictive, and calibrated maintenance programs for specific equipment, so that all systems work as they did on day one. Contact our sales team and our after-sales service to receive information on the solution best suited to your needs.


Renewal service
MIMASA offers partial or total renewal of obsolete installations through repairs, replacements or adaptations that optimize the functionality of the system. Each revised system can be integrated with new technologies, allowing performance levels like those of new machines.

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